February 22, 2018




Ok, here we go, a controversial subject no doubt.


Can I just say from the off....this is my opinion, I am a Personal trainer and Fitness instructor but not a nutritionist, so these are my thoughts and opinions, not fact!!!


I was looking for something, fitness related, so I did what everyone else does and turned to google....My search was FITNESS STORIES


Well, it appears Google's idea of fitness is different to mine. The results showed:


1) 10 inspiring stories - before and after pictures

2) Fat to fitness

3) Weight loss success stories

4) 18 weight loss stories


You get the picture!


This got me thinking as to what people believe fitness is....


Fitness - the definition


1) the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

2) the quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task.


Nowhere in the definition is food mentioned.


Diet - the definition


1) the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

2) a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.



As you can see these 2 are very different and should be treated so.


I would like to know where and how the lines have become so blurred.


You do not get fit and healthy by extreme dieting, there are no 'quick fixes'. It takes time, dedication, determination and to make it work, sustainable changes in you lifestyle.

I don't believe in 'good foods / bad foods' it is the volume in which they are consumed which would make them good or bad.

In our house, our children know that food gives you energy. They are allowed sweets, chocolate, biscuits, fruit, vegetables, bread, fish....anything they like, do we allow them to eat ANY of those in large quantities? No, as it wouldn't do them any good for various reasons.

Also, if certain foods were forbidden they would be more inquisitive about it and crave them more. This is the same at any age. 


As long as they understand food is for energy to keep them active then I'm happy.



I believe as long as you have varied and balanced diet, including a bit of everything and from all food groups you are doing the right thing and in my mind have a good diet.


The part I am interested in is the FITNESS side. This relates to your physical abilities and health. This is where exercise is important. 

I'm not suggesting you have to join a gym, run on a treadmill for an hour or join a HIIT class, unless this is something you enjoy. I am suggesting you remain active. Have a walk, make part of that walk brisk. Climb the stairs, maybe run up one flight, walk the next. When you go upstairs at home, climb them twice instead just once etc. Build it in to your daily life.


Obviously, doing what I do, I would encourage anyone to join a class or have some PT sessions to set you on the correct track and help you achieve your personal goals, but this isn't a must, just stay as active as you can.


Your age or gender doesn't matter when it comes to exercising, old or young, male or female. Explore and find something you enjoy.

Solo exercising, group classes, team sports, walking, swimming, trampolining? There are so many options and choices, just get out there and get moving to you own level and ability and work on achieving your next goal.


"Us" fitness instructors are 'normal people' we've all had to work on our fitness levels and build it up to be able to teach all of what we do. We all had to start somewhere so please don't be afraid to start a new class or group or team, we all had to do it for a first time. It's not as bad as you're thinking it is. We don't bite, we are friendly and encouraging. We welcome newbies and enjoy watching you enjoy yourself.


There is so much more that can be discussed relating to diet and fitness, however, I wanted to point out there is a difference in their meaning.


You can carry more fat than someone else, but that doesn't mean you aren't fit and healthy. You can be slim and be unhealthy, weight doesn't make you who you are.

We are all different which is an amazing aspect in life. Why would we all want to be the same? If we all looked like Gerard Butler and Anne Hathaway who would be fantasie about??? 


Please keep in mind that what I have spoken about are 2 separate subjects, they do aid each other, but they are different, don't confuse them.












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