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From a Class member, May 2017

So, this is the first time in 4 years I've been able to wear button up jeans instead of saggy old jeggings. 

Not to mention my favourite top that hasn't fitted for the last 4 years, since I found out I was pregnant with my first.

I've done diets, boot camps, gyms, other classes but exercising with my 2 small children is not something I thought I would ever find fun. 

I couldn't do this without Emma who is fun, energetic and very encouraging to help you achieve your goals.

Emma's workout plan covers all the main muscle groups, meaning its not just your thighs and bum, but all over.

So glad I found this class and mainly Emma as its her that's given me the confidence to say I CAN  DO IT!

From Local community worker, October 2016

I could see how much the mums attending gained from your class and I could see how comfortable they felt with Emma.

PT  Client, September 2017

Emma is truly amazing and her knowledge is incredible.

I never thought I'd enjoy PT or be inspired, but Emma has totally transformed my thoughts.

She's professional, motivating, keeps you interested, yet considerate to capabilities and age. 

Give JFA Fitness a try, you've got nothing to lose.

Jump Street Participant, December 2017

Fantastic fitness instructor, so much motivation, many thanks for everything this year, can't wait to start again next year.

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